Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Feeling Right: The Life That's Right For You

"Feeling right is about living the life that's right for you."
-Gretchen Rubin

I never understood where I was going until I found myself deep into where I knew I did not want to be. At that point I understood that this, whatever and wherever it may be, was not right for me. It was an itch deep in my chest I couldn’t scratch. I found myself rolling as tumbleweed through barren land, and that land was an aspect of my life. It is the feeling that you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing, or going in a path that is unnatural.

There is no doubt in my mind that living the right life for you is the centerpiece of your emotional table. Living right is living the life of your childhood dreams, or some variation of that dream. What is right for you is not what you see around you, it is everything you have ever wanted to create and every activity that brings you joy. If you are creative why spend the majority of your week suppressing that creativity? If you love math why spend your days in a career that does not incorporate that passion? The right life is the life that has balance. It incorporates your passions, your curiosity, and your potential. Feeling right has more to do with duty, a duty to be true to you.

I have always loved art. Art is a broad word, but what is important is that I have always been interested in participating in the creation of something. For a long time before I could even pick up a book on art, or write, or paint, or even think creatively I would be discouraged by my own mind. I would hear the words of my parents “you are the smart one, get good grades, leave the painting for your siblings”. I would enforce upon myself a title “smart”. The problem with titles is that they limit, they hurt, and titles put you in a pebble. Many people have this same experience.

Feeling right for me is not giving myself a title. Feeling right for me is creating, nourishing, and supporting the positive. I concentrated on a certain subject in college for the sake of keeping that title. And although I was interested in what I studied I wasn’t passionate. If I cant incorporate passion I rather not build my life around a career out of balance with my natural self.

I have to shed every single imprint of a life that encouraged me to suppress my interest for what others valued. I phrase it as “have to” because it is a never-ending transformation. It is a metamorphosis. I want to become a butterfly, and the moth cocoon the world enforced on me cannot contain the wings I imagine for myself.
Photograph by Dorota Oleszczuk
Aristotle wrote extensively on the subject of happiness. He explained that happiness is not a great dinner, or a fun time, or even those summer trips to the shore. Happiness is fulfilling your duty to yourself, and striving towards your goal. Aristotle explained that as you live the right life for you, you automatically bloom into the best version of yourself. Your best self is happy.

The world needs the best version of you.


  1. Finding one's true path has been and I think, will always be a compelling instinct for creative people. History is full of examples of people who were steered into one direction but instinctively made A course correction when they felt they were not in the "place" where they should be. Composer, George F. Handle's father wanted his son to be a barrister. St. Francis of Assisi started out, as a young man, whose biological father wanted him to be a merchant. Homer Hickem 's father was a coal miner in West Virginia, USA and wanted his son to follow him into the mines, but, Homer had a different calling and ultimately became a successful engineer at NASA- a rocket scientist.
    This post touches on an important issue for many people that they must deal with sooner or later to become happier,productive and fulfilled people.

  2. Hi ,

    I thoroughly liked your lovely thought. In life we always has this thought in minds at one point or other , its just we try to take the path chosen by others ..than the one we like .
    its just the state of terrorist is ..i.e they are put into that ..its not their born instinct or goal but ..they are forced by circumstances ..n all ..its just about takes our stance ..in life ..its good to listen to others ..but taking one step forward is truly depends and is purely in our hand ..no one can define that.

    Life is so beautiful we most often waste time in thinking negative then being +ve ..
    If we think positive everything will go outway.

    Nice post ..

    Take care..
    And keep writing,

  3. I like the way you think.I am also trying to make people think that thinking anything negative backward is not good.May be you will not be able to reach upto the end but it will surely give you a destination which will help you further.I am trying to make a similar kind of blog.If you have time please check my blog at http://whatiswhatbd.blogspot.com

  4. I whole-heartedly agree, which is why I decided that even though I majored in Marketing throughout college, I'm pursuing design as a career. Also currently reading Gretchin's "The Happiness Project" :)

  5. The world does need the best in each of us...
    Love the final photo!

  6. Reading your posts almost make me feel Deja vu! I was recently in a discussion with a peer and i was exclaiming to them how many people have a tough time understanding what the ultimate goal is in life. Happiness. (Many are not even aware of that. ) Whatever someone is contributing all their efforts to is in the the pursuit of happiness. I went on to explain how misguided people aspire to be rich and such other substitutes for happiness and also the URL to your blog.You manage to translate so well! Always very clear and expressive. It is my absolute pleasure to read,relate and share. Much Peace&love -S

  7. I meant to write and i also gave hin the URL to your blog. :)

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  9. I agree with Aristotles take on happiness. Its like I told my girlfriend.... my right life has lots of golf, beers and going to the ballgame in it.... and that it wouldn't be right to mess with that!


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