Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Respect The Happy: Nourish a Happy Person Near You

I respect the happy people. I admire and praise them, and I surely will dump my chronically unhappy friend if my happy friend is in need. Harsh? No. Happiness to me is a product of living in a accordance with your own values, positive thinking, an open disposition, and the optimistic resilience that these traits create. Furthermore, I know it when I see it. It is important to note that the opposite of happiness is not depression, but unhappiness (depression is a state beyond the subject of this post, and people suffering a trauma should always be nurtured with love). There is so much to learn and enjoy from the more upbeat individual, incredibly our attention is regularly allocated to the glum.

Unhappiness can become comfortable. The gloomy seem to criticize everything and nurture close to nothing. They are never too impressed and superficially hardly hurt. They defend the constant dissatisfaction in their lives, but judge the changes made by others. There are people who support unhappiness as a sign of depth to some extent. Ultimately they prefer to see that life is cruel, specifically to them. Happiness is a feeling, and depth can be found in whichever perspective you take. Fundamentally we all know this person. If we are honest enough, we, at some point have been this person. Then we can see that happiness is a choice. A choice between being heavy and being light. Happiness is real, achievable and it is foremost a product of your actions and thoughts.

The happy are neglected. No one seems to check up on you if you are a generally upbeat individual, and hardly anyone seems to care too much about your feelings. Happy people are not praised enough. It takes courage, selflessness, discipline, and resilience to be happy. Would you like those traits to rub off on you? Spend time with a happy person, we all know attitudes are contagious.

Happier folks make it a better place for all of us. I love a warm hearted enthusiastic person. Happiness may be a feeling but, often It's medicine for others. When I'm around happy people I feel more enthused, energetic, involved, and present. It is no surprise that happy people have been proven to be more social, helpful, and more likely to donate to a cause than gloomier folks. Studies show that happier people are more involved in community affairs, they are better at work, and have better sex lives. This makes happiness a selfless act. A happier person makes for a better world, making your happiness a priority is the greatest gift you can give to everyone around you.
The Happiness Affect
Courage is something you don't notice about people with sunny dispositions. Deciding to be happy leads to change and change is scary for most of us. The ability to find satisfaction is strengthened by your openness to change. Change encourages us to question our beliefs, our values, and truly be honest with ourselves. The truth about our unhealthy actions and beliefs are hard facts to swallow. Discipline is key for happiness, because the ability to stay upbeat and positive in times of inner instability (questioning) can only be achieved through practice. Eventually the answer to some of these questions emerge. This courage and discipline enable happy people to stand by their choices, even at the threat of criticism. Happier people are not only more likely to stand their own ground, they can also help you stand on yours.

I feel we must all encourage what we want to see more of, I want to see more happy people. We are part of a collective whole, the happiness of one soon sprinkles to another. Let a positive person know you appreciate them today. Most importantly cultivate your own happiness. You will be making the world a better place, becoming a better friend, family member, coworker, and random stranger on the train. In particular, you will be making me happier.

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