Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Year of Thinking Bigger

Photograph by Dorota Oleszczuk

One longs to say something. Facebook and twitter can testify to that.

When I started this blog one year ago, it was to figure out what exactly I longed to say. I took it upon myself to wake up out of a coma. We inhabit ourselves without valuing ourselves, in a constant rush into next week, and next year. We go to work, to go back home, we were never really there. I started this blog to wake up, to notice. Once we notice something we can never go back to not noticing. Once we have seen, we can no longer not see. I wanted to see what I was not seeing, about myself and about the world. I wanted to discover who I was, by studying what I had to say.

Hesitation came easy. To embark into a new way of expression, a public one at that, is always challenging. The public aspect, nerve wrecking. I asked myself, who would even care or read? Was my great inner and outer revolution of interest to anyone? But particularly important to note is that no great change ever receives official endorsement, this is true with individual as it is with societal change. Revolutions towards the positive, towards a peaceful life aren't easy nor are they supported by your fears. This blog has allowed me to put my fears to the test, to challenge my cool. It has shown me the patterns of my mistakes. Patterns are there, wether you choose to see them or not. That rut you always fall into. That negative attitude you carry. Those opinions you don't notice that transcend into your actions. Those are all patterns that keep us stuck in a place we rather not be, a comfortable unhappiness, a mediocre life. It is clear after a year of blogging that we can recognize our way out of patterns, to break them so that new worlds can emerge.

I started out with my happiness project. A project aimed at concentrating on a specific resolution each month, with the goal of making me a happier individual. Although I did not accomplished all my resolutions as planned, I feel a better person for having tried. (Please click the Happiness Project tags on the right to read more). My List project turned into my bucket list, and although I was less successful at documenting my adventures during 2010, this year looks promising.

Happy Birthday Think Big Blog!

I want to keep writing, I want to be the author and authority of my own life.
I have a better picture now of what I long to say. It has always gone a little like this:

My dear reader, I appreciate you if you feel no one else does. Fund your own revolution. Find the change you can make and make it. Go for it, I am with you. Tell your truth and live it too.

"To be a person is to have a story to tell." - Isak Dinesen

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