Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Still Important To Say

Alfred North Whitehead once said , "Everything important has been said before". Has everything that's important been said before? I understand the reasoning behind that statement, the fact that most of the secrets of happiness have been laid out by the brilliant minds of yesterday and today, and all anyone is doing is restating the spiritual facts we all know by way of our own experience.

I feel there are too many things we fear to say. We  fear to say these things so they go unsaid, for too long. Eventually we hear someone echoing the thoughts we had been thinking all along, we say, "that's so true" or we nod our heads. People often forget they have an opinion. I actually write in big capital letters frequently all over my notes "YOU HAVE AN OPINION". It's a reminder. Because we truly do forget, just like we forget that we usually know the answer to our problems. But we refuse to be silent enough to hear our thoughts, that voice inside, or God what have you.

I feel what hasn't been said is whats most important. Everyone has their own truth. That truth lives inside all of us. The things unsaid are as important if not more important than the things said. We let things happen to us because we don't say how we feel. If we could say it, hear the words come out of our mouths, we could realize the things that don't serve us and the things that do. Its important to express your thoughts, because truly there has never been a "you" present in this world. Someone who sees things from your perspective, someone who has experienced your identical experience. That is why i feel everything important has not been said. Because your thoughts on life are equally important as that of Aristotle. Yea you may not have spent your life a distinguished philosopher. But guess what? Aristotle never lived his life as you either. So say what you need to say, and say what you feel, and share with us your philosophies and dreams. Because of your uniqueness you will always say something new, as long as its truthful to your vantage point.


  1. Nice post and thoughts. You should enjoy the first post on my blog from back in February. I had to laugh when you said in caps. "YOU HAVE AN OPINION". We are definately on the same page on that one. I will be going back through your archives and checking out your thoughts from the start of your blog. Love doing that.


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  3. Thanks so much guys! I really appreciate it!
    Deanne i have checked out your blog and absolutely love it, will be back to post some comments.

    Sure we can link i started following you, msg me.

  4. very nice post, indeed sometimes people sometimes hard to tell who wants to say, even though his heart is very strong to say it, but lips that are difficult to discuss openly what we want to say,

  5. well, I really liked your post, many people are shy, and is familiar especially to talk about heart problems

  6. Thank you all for the commentary. Its very hard to express yourself sometimes but its one of the most important things you can do, For the world and yourself.

    Thank you so much. Please share this blog with your friends.


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