Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Answers To Your Questions

Rainer Maria Rilke once told to a young poet to have patience with all that is unsolved in his heart, and to try to cherish the questions themselves, like closed rooms and books written in a very strange tongue. "Do not search now for the answers which cannot be given to you because you could not live them. It is a matter of living everything. Live the questions now." Rilke went on to explain to this poet that maybe gradually and without even noticing it he would live right into the answers.

Most of my days are spent questioning, because of my young age I question the future with perhaps more vigor than the past or present. I have a hunch I am not the only one. I lose myself in hypothetical and imaginary events. I lose myself in all the possible outcomes of a situation. I try to visualize the answers, the many I am lacking. It takes pure mental power to realize I am here now. To realize that those answers, like Rilke said, could not be lived at this moment. To immerse myself in the beauty not knowing offers, the possibilities, the experience. 

I have felt inadequate and defective as a human being for not knowing. I once had an idea that others knew a special trick I didn't. I've felt as if everyone else knew their role in this world except me. I still don't fully know my role in this world, but I thank good literature and real people for showing me the light. I thank the books and people who dare to be authentic and admit they know absolutely nothing about most things, but love the journey with and without answers. I used to have this perception that everything I was going through was something to have gotten over, another thing in the way of that great day when my real life would begin. The truth is my real life is here now. This is my life, this is your life. Right here right now, not next Tuesday, or in an hour. These questions these problems they are your life and its up to you to view them as a person with eyes wide open loving every horrible, beautiful, sad, lovely, angry, annoying minute of it. By loving I only mean respecting them as part of your life, and acknowledging they make up the whole that is the story of you.

I promise you that if you ask the right questions you will eventually live right into the right answers. And living the answers my friend is a lot more fun than just hearing them or reading them, or even having them answered by Oprah. Trust life, that is all. 


  1. i like to read your blog , n theme of your blog very interest i like your blog

  2. Everything will be revealed in it's proper time. And to those who say the know it all know nothing but their ego's. The spirit knows that there is always something to learn and discover.


  3. Way to go Raimi, your articles are refreshing to read and articulate a positive message to others in a world of tumult and much despair. Your philosophy reminds me of a quote by arguably the best physics teachers of the modern era, who didn’t insult the intelligence of his students by trying to tell them anything. Instead, he asked them to tell him “Why is it so?” I herewith quote him below:

    "All of a half-century ago-when I was a little boy on the farm in my native New England – I remember asking all kinds of questions. What is the Earth made of? Why is the sky blue? Why is the sunset red? How does a bird soar? Why does a brook gurgle? How does an earthworm crawl? Why is a dewdrop round? Why does corn pop? Why does a wood fire crackle? And a thousand like questions. To a few I got the answers in reading. To some I got the answers in dialogue with my Mama and my Papa and with my teachers. Some I thought out – not too well, to be sure – but I was learning to think. By this device – ever questioning – ever uncertain – I gathered up a rather massive body of knowledge."

    Professor Julius Sumner Miller, American science popularizer, born on May 17, 1909


    Yours by Quill of Script and Verse on parchment beset,
    Christopher John Petersen.

  4. Thanks so much to all for the comments.

    Deanne, yes there is always something to discover. I hope we all practice curiosity instead of judgement,and trust instead of doubt. The universe has a purpose.

    Chris thanks so much for this great quote. "Ever uncertain" is very interesting. The wise man knows he knows nothing at all.

  5. Love this post. In fact love all of your post and am enjoying following your blog. I to thought I had everything worked out in my life, and then I lost my husband. And then asked, "Now What?"

  6. Hi Raimi,

    You have got a nice blog , and this post of yours is really thought provoking.
    I think in life we have got lots of questions , but its more important how we manage them and look over and above them to get the correct solution is important ..so a thought process need to put in place.
    Plus we must strive with +ve energy else we are sooner looose our grip over it.

    1st time over your blog BTW.

    Nice to be in right place @ ryt time.

    Thanks for sharing.

    take care.


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