Monday, August 2, 2010

The Critics Of Your Life/Work/Ideas

I used to get the impression that when someone criticized me they were smarter than me. This impression is a side effect from living in this North American mental wasteland. The type of society that loves to point fingers and comment, yet lacks the ability to produce anything of substance that could actually improve our non-material lives (most of the time anyway).

I have bitten my tongue and still at times do, because of that voice of the masses to comment. When I write I feel my guts spilling out, my insides unguarded. I feel, more like believe beyond rationality, that there is someone out there dissecting my insides pointing out how horrible my grammar is, and how impossibly unrealistic my goals are and how my lack of commitment to write at least once a week leads them to shit itty bitty alligators out of pure disgust. 

Most believe the critic is somehow an authority, this is pure crap. The mass epidemic of all time is the inability of people to produce, to act on their hopes, ambitions and dreams. The critic most of the time is that person left aside to see the progress of others, that person is everywhere. I believe we are all critics, but the bitter critics make sure to let the soreness of their lives be felt by all those who make any progress. 

Someone very special told me the other day that there never was a statue enacted of a critic. The truth is that what you create of yourself and otherwise, and how you make others feel will endure past your time here on earth. The critics will always be silenced by what they never achieved. Don't let the mass bitterness of this world stop you from doing what you feel is right for you. I know I am still dealing and fighting the hard battle of being myself in a world that tries its best to make me someone else, its complicated work but you're not alone my friend.

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