Thursday, July 29, 2010


I complain. I try not to, but it's so fun. I get a small pleasure from people feeling slightly bad for me sometimes. I get an extra kick out of complaining about my job. I get an even bigger kick out of dissecting apart customer service representatives over the phone, or my credit card company. Preferably I love talking shit about my school. The douche in class who sounds way more articulate than I. I mean why did you have to speak after me? This will only start a debate, and people will come out with bruised egos, and a sensitivity to public speaking. Not that I suffer from any of those.

I guess I take up after my grandmother. She complains wildly about body pain. I wont go into all the details and theories to why we know its complete bullshit. I will tell you that people, unless suffering from a diagnosed illness, don't just suffer from general pain in non specified places...Unless you are suffering from emotional pain and to that I say good luck. I guarantee she is a happy camper. Anyway she complains for attention, for someone to say,"poor baby you want a cookie"? And who doesn't want a cookie? I want a cookie. I may not be the most attention craving creature but sometimes asking for affection wont cut it. Complaining seems like the only way out.

Although this cookie theory seems comforting, why spoil a peaceful moment with your irritations? You know exactly what I mean, the serial complainer. The person constantly on a rant you wish you could just put a sock in their pie holes. Writers seem to have my only support when they go on rants, but thats because things in print seem less annoying than disappointing sound waves hitting my ear drums. Evidently everyone is annoyed, granted there are a million things to be annoyed about. The point is if you want your social life to go anywhere positive its important to foster an environment of positivity. Your negative thoughts are sticky. When you speak of negativity it sparks a negative thought into the listener. Not only will it spark a negative thought, when that person thinks of you they are more likely to associate you with negativity.

I dont know you, but I know you have enough on your plate and don't need to hear me complain about the weather. Sure it might slip but thats just because it's so damn hot out, jeez! We are all annoyed at times and we all might be looking for a little attention, but lets emphasize the good things. Lets try our best to go on rants about how marvelous it is that ice cream trucks make their way around town this time of year. Or how wonderful it is that although the customer service rep. was rude, he/she eventually fixed the problem. It's so easy to be negative, it takes real courage and sometimes imagination to stay in a positive note. Positivity not just for you but for everyone around you, they are going through as much annoyance as you so be kind to their ears.

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