Monday, June 7, 2010



It often comes to mind how this blog is too ambitious. But then i tell my brain to shut the hell up and do what I tell it to, write. Writing is something annoying at times. I am so involved in my mental state of chaos. My mind seriously has no format, it just goes, sometimes on rants, sometimes so randomly i cant even understand the reason for me even having thoughts, as they make no logical sense. I don't know if I am the only person who does this, but I often have hypothetical story lines and episodes play out in my mind. Seriously these mini dramas have no sense in being, they usually are stories i wish i could tell, of fictional super cool shit that randomly could occur in my life, but realistically doesn't. I have a feeling i will never get rid of my often weird imagination. I still to this day fantasize about life just randomly becoming a musical. Straight out of Grease. Of course i would play Rizzo, just because shes bad ass, and i love me rebellious female characters.

What the hell do i do with this ocean of fictional tales that inhabit my mind? I seriously had no idea, i pretty much just believed they where there to take up space. But i just cant deal with it anymore, the constant mind boggling amount of useful time i spend on hypothetical events is just too annoying and just fucks with the equanimity of my mind. April was creativity month, June is generosity month. I am supposed to be creative and give as part of my happiness project, that's just what I am going to do. I am going to release this randomness from my brain and spill it into paper no matter how much logical sense it may be lacking. Maybe after a few years of of this i will have a mediocre movie script to pitch to MTV.

So this brings me to a thought. In order to receive should we not release? Let go of, give away, retire, give to the world your thoughts and maybe in return you will free space for better bigger thoughts. Release people, I feel it's a worthy aim. Be generous to the world by giving to it your thoughts and ideas.


  1. Release em, it's better than beating the shit out of em :)

  2. haha def better than beating em. thanks for the comments!


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