Sunday, May 9, 2010


April: Creativity

Ultimately creativity comes down to expression. The release of the stories, music, dreams, and images that plague our mind. An exhale of the human brain or soul, what have you. The month of April was all about creativity for my happiness project.

I don't consider myself creative. I have never passed by a mirror and exclaimed, "now that's an artist!" I actually grew up with a complex about my creative abilities. My brother has always been the artist of the family. This kid paints on oil canvas, abstract and realist art. He actually plays the guitar,the viola,the violin,the harmonica. My kid brother can draw like no ones business, he exudes an aura of a young Michael Angelo. I, on the other hand, must give off as much creative vibe as an accountant. I, as my mother would explain, am the brains in the family.

I have been stamped with this title, branded in theory, by the opinions and expectations of my family. I am to be the one with the good grades, the one who is logical, responsible, on top of anything having to do with organization. I am not to wander off course, or take time off, because lets face it i am determined, and an artist is simply none of those things. An artist, or at least in my family, can take his time and lives a carefree life.

Creativity is an exhale. I think its time i tried my creative bone out. I want to play the drums. I have always had a love affair with the drums. If you have been fortunate enough to bump into me on the train, you would have noticed i air drum the shit out of my commute. I have come to understand that if you like something when you are 10 years old, its pretty much a part of who you are. I asked my mom for a drum set when i was 10. I massacred the set, but the joy that it brought me was unmeasurable. I want to do with my life what i love, and i love drums. Its not an easy task but one well worth the effort.

"Mom i am going to learn how to play the drums", i said. " But you aren't creative, leave that to your brother,you have too much going on". Opinions,opinions,opinions. What good is the title anyone gives us? I never gave myself the tittle of "smarts". Titles only limit. We should all strive to be a complex beautiful piece of art.

"The artist is not a special kind of man; every man is a special kind of artist" - Sri Coomaraswamy

(One would suppose, every woman,too.)

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