Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The List

What do you want to do before you die?

That was the question i faintly managed to hear through the circus that is my apartment. Completely struck by the magnitude of a question that should be,well,simple to answer. Its not that i lacked an answer,but the frantic race my brain went through to come up with all the possibilities really left an impression on me. I looked everywhere for that damn remote. I wanted to know why my t.v would ask such a question. Does my t.v suddenly care? Once reunited with my remote i increased the volume, and what i heard left me in love. The show was "The Buried Life". A group of guys set out in an R.V all through the U.S to complete a 100 item list of things they want to do before they die. First thought: "omg this is soo fucking badass". But wait thats not all, for every item they crossed off their list they helped a stranger do something they want to do before they die. I was inspired.

The thing i love most about this are the items on the list. Most are, well just plain fun. Number 26 "tell a judge 'you want the truth,you cant handle the truth'". Number 9 "destroy a computer". Little awesome things. Thats what makes a difference.

Inspired by all things awesome,i am starting my own list. Maybe "starting" is not the best word,i am making my list come to life,my life. I will have a list of things i want to do. Not just "graduate from college" or "buy a house". I want to do stuff i always wanted to do. I also want to do whatever comes to mind.

This is a "Bucket List" project i am undertaking for the rest of my life. Its a sort of compliment to the Happiness Project, and i will try to choose an item every month from my list that can compliment my Happiness Project concentration for the month (for more info on The Happiness Project click the labels tab on the right of the page).

So here goes...all my randomness in one list. This list is definitely not done, i will post further items later on in the year.

1. Climb a tree.
2. Dance with Ellen Degeneres
3. Make a sand angel in the nevada desert.
4. Make a sand angel in the sahara desert.
5. Hang out with Anthony Bourdain.
6. Start a food fight.
7. Throw a stranger a birthday party.
8. Learn how to tie a cherry stem with my tongue.
9. Swim in a public fountain.
10. Host a t.v show.
11. March for gay rights.
12. Buy a stranger lunch.
13. Bungy jump.
14. Drive a hot pink sports car around town.
15. Dress in all neon.
16. Sky dive.
17. Milk a cow & use the milk in my cereal.
18. Star in a commercial
19. Create a blog
20. Visit Martin Luther King Jr.'s resting place.
21. Bring Lucille Ball wine and flowers to her resting place.
22. Become friends with an astronaut.
23. Learn to surf, preferably in Australia.
24. Create a wall sized collage of my life.
25. Help save an endangered species.
26. Figure out how much fat kids love cake.
27. Scream obscenities at the grand canyon.
28. Enter a eating contest.
29. Stick it to the man. (Any ideas how?? Let me know)
30. Brush my teeth with a bottle of jack.
40. Stage Dive
41. Throw a tomato at someone i dislike (Bush/Cheney maybe? or the MTA CEO? share your ideas)
42. Play the drums with a band at a venue.
43. Go kayaking on the hudson.
44. Win an award.
45. Hang out with the guys from "The Buried Life".
46. Murder a blackberry.
47. Save someones life.
48. Go on a blind date.
49. Write a book.
50. Have a drink named after me, on a menu.
51. Mud Wrestle

I will post up my experience along with the documented evidence of the completed items on my list. I will try to do something off the list hopefully once a month. Also check later on in the year for the full 100 item list. Send me your ideas i might just post them on my list.

Along with the items crossed off my list i will post my adventures helping people do things off their list. Every time i complete something on my list i cant do anything else off the list until i help someone else.

So, ready to do all the stuff you always wanted to do? I am,as bizarre as some of my items may be,they sound super fun to me. Your list should reflect what you find fun no matter what anyone else may think. What do you want to do before you die?

(By the way check out "The Buried Life" blog, awesome stuff)


  1. lmfao @ #26 and I would like to do 6, 16, 23, 30 & 51 we should do together lmao after one of our crazy nights, and My goal in life is to 49, about my crazy life tho. I hope u'll buy it when it comes out. :-)

  2. i want to be a part or witness in some of these. . .


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